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Prime care is what our carpet cleaners give you!

Hi there all the residents of Van Nuys 91409, how are you guys doing? Let us tell you something really interesting and we can guarantee you that this will make you excited. Are you ready? Well people, our carpet cleaners are coming to your home to provide completely exclusive services. Exclusivity is something really hard to achieve and the difference that the services of our carpet cleaners make is huge. All our carpets cleaners are experts in this field and we possess all the experience and knowledge in the field, which makes us one of the most reliable and efficient natural green carpet cleaners in the neighborhood. All the toughest stains and dusts will be removed from your carpet by our professional carpet cleaners. Call us immediately!

Leave it to the professionals, Van Nuys!

Van Nuys 91401, 91405, 91406, 91409, 91411, how did your little one’s baseball practice go at the lighted baseball diamond? Now that you got back home from the practice, did you notice that all those mud, dirt and dust from your kid’s shoes are on your carpet? Wait, there is nothing to worry. Of course, you cannot get those stains cleared on your own. But when you leave the process to professionals like us, the process would be much easier. Our team of expert carpet cleaners knows the right techniques and has the right equipments to deal with even the toughest stains on your carpet. So, hesitate no more, call us right now!

Van Nuys Get Van-Clean!

Van Nuys – have you ever wondered how your neighbor’s carpets and rugs always looked clean even though they have had countless guests and visitors over all year long? It’s not that they avoid the living room – it’s because of regular carpet cleaning. It’s nothing fancy to get your carpets cleaned regularly,  it’s just being healthy and considerate of family and guests. If you’re afraid of harmful residue or toxic chemicals, not to worry. BH Carpet Cleaners uses the best organic and safe detergents and washers which leave none of that bad stuff behind. You’ll love the results and wonder why you didn’t have this done sooner. Convinced it’s time to step up your game? Call us today and see how we can get you Van-Clean, Van Nuys!

10% off coupon is good this entire fall season

City of Van Nuys 91316…Hows it looking? You know what I’m talking about, those couches in your living room with all that wear and tear isnt just going to clean itself. You need to hire a professional to get the job done and here at BH Carpet Cleaners, we do a greaaaaaaaaat work. What other company has over 10,000 happy return customers and only uses organic non-toxic detergents? (the answer is none) If you want to be smart this season about rug/carpet/upholstered furniture cleaning, call us and get educated about organic carpet cleaning.

A Great Deal for you Van Nuys!

We have a little surprise for you Van Nuys 91316! The 10% discount coupon that we offered last year is back once again this holiday season! I know that some of you missed the chance to get it so to give you another chance to get it we brought it back for you guys! You can avail this discount with any of our steam cleaning services, rugs, carpet, furniture or upholstery cleaning any of them will do. The best steam cleaning service plus a discount this is definitely a deal that is very hard to resist! Don’t hesitate anymore don’t let this opportunity slip away and call us today!

Dirty Carpet!!!

Van Nuys!  How’d you let your carpet get so DIRTY!  No seriously, how?  That’s actually kind of impressive.  BH Carpet Cleaners to the rescue!  We’re still providing the Valley’s most professional steam cleaning services for your wall to wall carpet, furniture, area rugs and upholstery with the industry’s top green, non-toxic and organic products and detergents!  What more do you want!?  Stop sitting around and call us right away!!!

Deal Extended for Van Nuys!

We’re Back!!! And this time we brought a present with us! BH Cleaners has decided since you’ve been good this year Van Nuys, we’re going to give you the gift of savings! We’ve extended our 10% discount through to February! So now you can have your parties and not fret about the carpet and furniture staying all dirty because we’ll be there to clean it all up for ya! With our services of wall-to-wall, area rug, and furniture upholstery cleaning using all non-toxic organic products, you don’t have to worry about anything! Call us today,mention this website and start saving! Oh and by the way, you’re welcome!

Special Deals for Van Nuys Residents

It’s official.  It’s time.  Van Nuys?  BH Carpet Cleaners is now serving up a special deal for you!  Here’s what you do:  Go to this site.  Wait, you did that already!  Great!  Next: Call us and tell us you were at this site and saw the HUGE coupon over there on the right!  Then:  Oh, no that’s it.  Yeah!  Then we’ll come to your place and professionally steam clean your wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs, and furniture/upholstery with the best and safest non-toxic detergents and products at TEN PERCENT OFF!  Wooooo!!!  Wasn’t that easy?  Oh, but this isn’t gonna last forever.  Call me right away before the boss makes me “take down that darn coupon already!”

Van Nuys Carpet Cleaners

Finding the right carpet cleaning company for you in Van Nuys 91316 can be very difficult.  With so many companies to choose from, it’s hard to decide which are legitimate businesses and not just a guy with a machine and a van.  You want a company that has years of experience, positive reviews online, the best equipment/products/technicians, is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, and will simply make you feel comfortable with doing work with them.  Such a company is BH Carpet Cleaners.  We have been servicing Los Angeles, West LA and the San Fernando Valley for years with literally thousands of satisfied clients.  In addition to our service and results, we also use the industry’s best non-toxic, green and organic products and detergents available today, so you never have to worry about breathing harmful chemicals.  This is the only option we offer, unlike other companies who charge more “if you want a better cleaning.”  We’re not a car wash, we’ll offer you our best service at competitive prices, because that’s good business.  Scheduling is very flexible, so call anytime for a free estimate right over the phone.

Voted “Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Los Angeles” by for 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Proud members of the Better Business Bureau.

Give us a call for a free quote, 6 days a week 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

BH Carpet Cleaners, Inc.
8306 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90211
Office: (310) 621 4856

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  • first time user Timothy N. Shea

    For a first time user of a proffesional service, I gotta say I think these guys really were great. Everybody else was saying that they were ‘green’ and good service, so I tried them. I don’t know how other services usually are but these guys were so friendly, and really knew what they were doing. As a first time customer, I don’t feel I really have to even look around any more than them.
    -Tim Shea

  • Furniture Cleaned PattiQ4433

    I had to get my furniture cleaned but needed it done by a professional that actually knew what they were doing. I’ve had companies that claimed they knew how to clean furniture and once they got to my home realize they didn’t know what to do. Fortunately BH cleaners came highly recommended by clients of mine. They came to my home and cleaned all of my furniture beautifully. I loved the fact that the products they used were natural. I am very happy to find a company that actually knows what they’re doing.

  • Very safe Erika Weaver

    I was looking for a company that doesn’t use any toxic chemicals and this company not only uses non toxic, but they’re all organic too. I was very impressed by the gentleman they sent out. He was on time, very nice and worked quickly. I would gladly call them back for any future carpet cleaning.


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